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        Shandong County of Qihe province to focus on the cultivation of wild imitation the Yellow River turtle breeding demonstration typical

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          In recent years, Qihe County, give full play to advantages along Yellow River fishery resources, actively promote the the Yellow River soft shelled turtle production, focus on the cultivation of wild turtle aquaculture demonstration typical imitation of the Yellow River, ecological the Yellow River soft shelled turtle gradually scale, and vigorously promote the standardization of production, to all aspects of aquaculture through standard to standardize, make soft shelled turtle standardized production to be put in place, ensure a standard approach, the quality of a listed, at present, the county has established a production demonstration base of the Yellow River soft shelled turtle two eco development demonstration, 50 households, mu income in thirty thousand yuan of above, can greatly improve the farmers income, further radiation boosting the county aquaculture development, showing the economic, social, ecological benefits the.
          Among them, with Jiao Fangwu as the representative of the the Yellow River natural wild turtle breeding mode, this mode is to use the village pond, a little transformation built a pond, do not change the ecological environment in accordance with the soft shelled turtle, turtle “three hi 3 be afraid of” living habits, to create a good environment for the growth of the artificial. Raise the attention does not change the original Turtle life habit, collect some pollution free bait such as small fish and shrimp, snails, insects, leaves, melon as feed, each commodity turtle are after 3 - 4 years of growth period, guarantee more than 2 hibernation under natural conditions. This commodity turtle is very popular, the price in more than one hundred yuan.
          Taking Shandong the Yellow River soft shelled turtle, Miao ecological farming company as the representative of the imitation of the wild turtle for stocking model, this model using a large surface acres of stereo breed aquatics polyculture, diversion of the Yellow River water, creating a natural growth condition in the Yellow River soft shelled turtle, ecological stocking as the leading varieties, supplemented by wild fish, maintain the balance of ecological water, large surface organic turtle breeding, to create “Jiangbei first brand ecological soft shelled turtle”. At present, the model has invested 4000000 yuan, stocking large surface part of the Yellow River soft shelled turtle and releasing, is perfect for road infrastructure work
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