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        Zhejiang Ningbo large number of listed banks of Xiangshan port of oyster

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          Winter eat oysters summer eat clams. Into the winter, but also to oyster most fertilizer season, to the farmers market to buy a few jins fresh oysters, home or steamed or do pickles Oyster soup, as many members of the public choice. An interview with reporters yesterday to know, Zhejiang Ningbo oyster mainly farm -- Xiangshan port area farmers have been busy.
          Yesterday, the reporter saw in Fenghua Ka Chun Hu Zhen Fei a wharf, the platoon in tents fishing sister-in-law are excavation of oyster meat. Yu sister-in-law skillfully alignment oyster column a pry with the tip, neatly open oyster shell, and then cut the oyster bar, oyster meat will even the water poured into the bowl. Only in a few seconds the whole process, the key is to ensure the integrity of oyster meat.
          “Fresh oyster meat is light green. If the flesh is white, soak in water for too long a time.” Mrs. Yu told reporters, 5 kilograms of unshelled oysters, dug out of more than 0.75 kilograms of meat. A skilled worker from morning to night to dig for more than 10 hours, most can dig 15 kilograms of oyster meat.
          Entered in December, is located in the South West of Xiangshan port in Shanghai and Hong Kong Pan, tou Zhen Huang Xi Cun oyster farmers began to get busy. Into the farmers home, can see the yard is a bag of oyster, people were sitting in the yard with oyster shell will remove the shell.
          The beginning of summer seedling, the fall winter season began to harvest, 6 months of harvest time every year, have the Spring Festival reached the peak season. Fishermen in the 30 years of West Shanghai Hong Kong Pan oyster has, from the original stone stocking, now long line culture, through continuous exploration, oyster production has improved significantly.
          Farmers told reporters, long line culture is actually tied the rope to oyster. Farmers will use pile fixed rope, tied in a rope to oyster. Use the rope soft features, so it can come in waves with the water swing, slows down the impact force. But with a rope, the price is cheap, durable.
          According to introduction, long line culture also has many tricks, to follow the direction of pile water play, the main rope to tie down the stream direction. This trend of the rope and the ebb and flow of the tide together in the same direction, the impact force is small. Floating device is also very particular about how the suspension, to grasp the depth. Because oysters to eat algae, algal photophilic thermophilic, mostly in the water's surface. How many oyster production, in addition to the size and oyster sub related, also and covered with rubber strip related to the number of oyster larvae. The rubber band tied more number, oysters are also more. But the rope on the rubber strip if too thick, production could not go.
          As each year aquaculture technologies mature, now, more and more farmers began using longline oyster, low cost, high yield. In the interview, some farmers told reporters, every day, they would be part of the oyster to the Ningbo Lu Lin aquatic market to sell, at present, after the water had been fattening oyster market price of only 20 yuan a catty.


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