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        Today is 2021-2-2, Welcome to the web Anhui Golden Sea Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. Website: www.7mk4.com


          1, in pre-sale, sale and after-sale process adhere to the “market-oriented, regard customer as the center” business philosophy, strict demands on themselves, to provide quality products and services to customers, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
          In 2, the company set up a customer service center to provide timely hotline service to the customer, a variety of questions to answer client enthusiasm and meticulous.
          3, the company after receiving households after complaints, complaints in the content of customer complaints on the detailed records of customers, and then transferred to the relevant departments to deal with, to ensure the fastest speed gives the processing results, give customers a satisfactory answer.
          4, the marketing department according to “customer classification” regularly on customer satisfaction survey was conducted by sampling, through personal and telephone access methods such as investigation, or by letter, E-mail or fax issued a “customer satisfaction survey” conducted a survey of customer satisfaction.

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